Coated Exhibition


Photo courtesy of Christina Rinaldi of Prima Creative

Curated by conceptual nail artist Prima Creative, Coated came to life back in May as a collaborative effort between nail artists and jewelry designers to showcase our interpretation and techniques of “coating” our medium’s of choice.

I was invited by Prima to participate in the exhibition to create a nail set inspired by the Dancing Ring from the Neoborn collection by jewelry designer Shinying Gao. What I love about Gao’s Neoborn collection is its created from recycled plastic bottles and dye color. Inspired by the beauty in nature Gao uses the plastic bottles to make you rethink what you may think is trash. How do plastic bottles and the grass it could be laying on have in common? According to Goa there are chemical elements in common such as oxygen, nitrogen and the sulfur in the plastic.  When you burn plastic it spontaneously reacts melting and morphing, “dancing” as Goa refers to it, in beautiful ways that mimic the look of leaves and flowers. I immediately responded to the piece when sent the jewelry we were able to work from and created a set of hand painted nails with copper rhinestones and added peek through elements by cutting out pieces of the nails trimmed with a border of striping tape. The jewelry designer also had her hands in her interpretation of nail art as seen here.

Special thank you to Prima for keeping me in mind when creating Coated. I am so honored to be apart of such an elevating project for the nail community.

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