New York Nail Marathon


I was recently in New York filming nail art tutorials with Refinery 29 and Revlon as their winner of the Nail Art Nation contest. New York is like a sprint, I try my best every time I’m in the city to pack as much as possible in my short stays. They don’t call it the city that never sleeps for nothing! Check out what I was getting into during my mini-sprint around the city in one weekend.


Filming with Refinery 29 was so wild! I have never been on set with a stylist, hair, makeup and camera crew…all for lil ol’ me. As exciting as this all was the nerves kicked in at full effect. Thank God for such an amazing crew who offered so much support, coached me and complimented me the whole time which was comforting to say the least. By the end of the shoot you couldn’t shut me up, I was having fun with all the glam. Bbrill, the makeup artist on set kept me occupied with Clueless lingo and excitement over her nails. She’s a total nail model pro and she knew it! She had all the poses on point, not a finger out of line. Thats a hard job, I’ve tried!


I met with Annie Pham, the founder of Cirque Nail Polish in her studio to interview for the upcoming Winter issue of Tipsy Zine. Cirque is a new artisanal nail lacquer hand blended with essential oils such as lavender and sage. Getting a peak at all the pigments and glitters was a nail artists dream! She created a glitter polish on the spot and it was amazing to see how much detail went into each bottle. It was inspirational seeing Pham in her element, she is truly a one woman army. Not to mention her holographic lacquers is a force to reckon with. So happy to see a brand that can do holo shades the right way!



I am also working on a special project with my friends at K/LLER. I visited jewelry designers Katie and Michael in their Brooklyn studio to drop off a special package with “the goods”. My lips are sealed for now on details but as soon as I am able to spill my readers will be the first to know what I have had my fingers in the past few weeks. My New York trip involved a lot of hands-on ladies that run their own empires and are true leaders and it was great to see how powerful Girl Power really can be. Hate to sound like a Spice Girl but they had the right idea, ladies join together and run this thing!



I did my nails in my hotel room while watching the VMA’s while scouring for some nail inspiration. I was surprised I didn’t see more nail art but Danity Kane and Rita Ora had some interesting nail looks, you can check out more images through the VMA Mani Cam sponsored by Covergirl. Earlier that day we checked out “10 Years of Wooster Collective” at Jonathan LeVine Gallery in SoHo. I am so grateful that I had the chance to check out this show on the last day of its viewing. It was so great to see work of many of my favorite graffiti and street artists such as Miss Van, ROA, FAILE, How/Nosm, Olek, Martha Cooper, Space Invader, Doze Green, Anthony Lister, Ron English, and so many more in person. Drawing inspiration from Ben Eine‘s “Disasters” piece I decided to put a letter on each one of my nails in celebration of my trip. I didn’t get a proper photo of them (although I think Refinery 29 snapped a few) but you can sneak a peak of half of the manicure in the photo from K/LLER’s studio of me holding the delicate gold dipped bird skull and check out the painting that influenced the look below. There were so many many beautiful pieces, it was hard to have self control when you are surrounded by that much intricate and detailed work.

photo (1)


One of the most exciting parts of my trip was meeting Eva Chen, Lucky Magazine‘s new Editor in Chief! Coming from Teen Vogue as Beauty and Health director and hand selected by Anna Wintour herself, she has the expertise and knowledge to take on such a huge role in the fashion and beauty bizz. Chen almost decided to become a doctor and we are glad she didn’t! Not that being a doctor is not totally admirable and imporant career but not just anyone can lead the masses in the fashion industry while keeping her cool at all times. It takes a special dynamic to fill those heels (she instagram’s pics of her heels all the time by the way). I expected to walk into her chic Times Square office and see complete chaos as writers run around with their hair a mess and Eva taking phone calls and emails while receiving her manicure. The Lucky team had everything under control with so much ease. I want to know all the secrets! Eva was delightful, gave me her full attention and talked about her love for Takashi Murakami‘s work and how she’s allergic to mushrooms and that is the reason her brother bought her a Murakami mushroom print, so that she can enjoy some mushrooms in her life.


You have probably seen in the past (here) that I to also have a love and admiration for Murakami and was of course excited when she wanted to do a tribute nail on her ring fingers. I used Dew by RGB Cosmetics as the base color and went with the king mushroom and eye print as an accent. Chen is the first Asian-American and the youngest top editor of a Condé Nast magazine. Her impeccable sense and love of street style, dedication to responding on her social media platforms while running an entire publication and her willingness to help and pass on knowledge and advice makes her a total girl crush in my book!

New York is always great to me and I will be back in a week for a day and a half. I will share more soon on that upcoming trip with photos and a run through of what else I am up to in the Big Apple.

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  1. Wow I am totally jealous of your life… this looks like an amazing trip!! You managed to fit a lot in your visit! 🙂

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