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You heard right! Essie is coming out with a gel (aka No Chip). Releasing in salons in October, the 36 shade line has keratin technology infused with Vitamin B5 and E to condition your nails and keep them happy and hydrated. Why the long wait for Essie Gel when all competitors were releasing gel products? Weingarden did not want to release a gel manicure system until it was exactly how she envisioned it, with “all the things you love about a gel manicure, none you don’t.” I was invited back to New York to be part of the first ever Essie training team to play around with Essie Gel and learn more about the product. Click to read the full scoop on Essie Gel and why its different than the rest.

Essie 9

What do most dislike about gel manicures? A common complaint I hear in my manicure chair is a client may have received a manicure from a salon and complains of damage of nails, dehydration, or difficult removal process. I personally feel that there are brands on the market that definitely don’t damage the nails and do have easy removal process, one of my favorite products is CND’s Shellac. However, one common denominator that most no chip products have is that they do tend to dehydrate the nail a bit. Although conditioning can be restored with a good cuticle oil (granted that the client applies the oil on a regular basis between appointments) I have not found a product that has vitamins and hydrating elements built into the gel product like Essie’s.

Essie 06

Essie 11

Essie’s new gel line is starting with 36 colors but it won’t end there. Essie is known for their ample amount of color selection and they plan to keep that idea with Essie Gel. More colors will be released with new seasons and they also tried their best to match as closely as possible their most popular shades. With gel it is difficult to get an exact shade to match the lacquer line but there are near replicas of Essie’s most popular colors. If you love Essie’s “Ballet Slippers” you would try its match “Dance Class.” It is very difficult with the natural eye to see the difference in color, in my opinion they are near replicas.

Essie 2

Three things stand out to me about the Essie Gel; its keratin technology, removal process and its LED lamp. The LED lamp is the strongest LED lamp on the market, 25% more powerful than competitors. Not to be confused with UV lamps, the LED lamp is packed with tiny LED bulbs that never need to be replaced. Best feature of the lamp is that when you insert your hands into the opening and place your fingers into the designated finger grooves the lamp automatically turns on, you will never have to remember to press a button with this system.


Essie 10

The final thing I love about Essie’s Gel is the removal process! I could not believe how easy it removed, literally was completely off of the nail without any need of an orangewood stick. No buffing to break the seal, no scraping or pushing. Above Naja from Nail Talk Radio and LA Hair helps our trainer Gino wrap his finger with Essie’s removal solution and removal wraps. 15 minutes later its completely off of the nail! The keratin care technology and sublime oils condition nails while removing your gel manicure. Essie believes there is “no need to compromise, nails can truly have it all.”

Essie 5

@TheNailArtist4U, @FunFancyNails and I

Essie 8

Cute Mini Essie Bottles!

I had such a great time playing with all the polish and meeting nail colleagues. It was an inspirational training full of education. I love the passion Essie Weingarten has about her product and natural nail care and I’m excited to be training others on Essie Gel. Already missing my Essie family. If you have any questions on the gel system please leave them in the comment section below.

Essie Group Photo

32 Comments on “Essie GEL Training in New York

  1. This is AMAZING… I really need this in my life! Is it available now to buy?
    Thank you

  2. Gel polishes are definitely a PITA to remove. Sometimes it seems no amount of soaking will get them off.

    I hope that the removal actually is as easy after two weeks of wear. Can’t wait to try these!

  3. This is awesome! How do we find out about training and being able to purchase and use for my salon?

  4. I’m so excited for this! Does the October anticipated release date include stores like CosmoProf and SalonCentric?

  5. Essie is one of my favorite nail brands. Will the Essie gel be available for purchase by the everday consumer or will only professionals be able to purchase the system?

  6. Its was a pleasure to finally meet you!
    You did a great job describing our training venture. So happy to part of the Essie Gel Polish family. 🙂

  7. Why does the base coat smell so strong? It really is very overpowering, even from across the room! None of the other gel polishes have this odor, my client and myself were totally taken aback…i really had no answer for her when asked. I think most of my clients will have negative comments about the smell…

    • The only thing I can think of is that it has Keratin properties in it to strengthen the nail. Maybe if you explain the benefits rather than negatives it will appeal more to the clients. Also, try shaking the polish well. I know it has a small odor but I don’t think its too overpowering that it will warn of clients. I have not had anyone comment on the smell. Maybe your product is settling and needs to be shaken up really well. Give it a try, it might help 🙂

      • Thank you…will try shaking more…love, love, love the shine!!!

  8. I am trying to decide on what gel nail polish to start using. Between OPI and CND, I had finally decided that I would be using OPI, until our sale rep came by today and mention Essie. Now, I am doing more research! I could be easily influenced to use Essie after reading the reviews. But, do you have a training class near or a Rep that could come by the salon?

    • Hi Tabetha,
      I would try contacting Essie through their contact form on their site. I’m sure they could look into have a training class in your area.

  9. I’m UK based and very interested in training – how do I find out about it? I do not stock Essie at present but this gel…. its changing my mind!!

    • I would try contacting Essie. They should have a contact form on their site that you could request training for at your salon.

  10. I’d love to know what colors of the gel are similar to the lawyer. Can you give us the equivalents

  11. This looks amazing! I never tried gel manicures before, just because of all the bad things I’ve seen it do to my friends’ nails. Do you know where I can get it done in/around Boston?

    • Gel manicures is not harmful to the nails, its the removal process and brand that matters. I would go for gentle brands like Essie Gel or Shellac. They both are my fav and I use them on clients all the time and they have healthy nails. Removal is easy and safe. Keep in mind that any gel manicure can be drying and can cause some dehydration, but this can simply be avoided by using cuticle oil on the regular basis. Which is a good habit to keep anyways for healthy and strong nails. As far as salons carrying Essie Gel, it is getting more popular so I would try calling around to Salons near you. Or try calling your local nail supply stores to see if they carry Essie Gel and if they have any recommendation of clients salons that are buying the product so you can book an appt. Hope this helps!

    • For Essie Gel? Or nail art? Unfortunately I do not do any trainings right now but it is on my mind. However, if you would like training on Essie Gel I would try to contact Essie’s team through their website and inquire about their demos. They do demonstrations around the country and may be at your local nail supply store soon.

  12. What is the best tip on avoiding the application to chip. I have the Essie Gel and for some reason I believe I am doing something wrong.

    • The best tip is keep the base coat layer very thin, cap the edge of the nail during each coat (base color and top) and double clean your nail plate with the Essie prep solution.

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