Evil Eye’s & Cuticle Care

Ladies, please do not do your cuticles before you get a mani. Leave it to the pros because you should cut very minimal amount of cuticle, most people cut too much, and then bacteria can get inside the skin and cause irritation. The best friend tried cleaning up her cuticles a day before hand, and I had to drop some knowledge on her since she cut too deep. Tisk Tisk!
Some nail techs don’t cut the cuticle at all because they find it damaging, but when done properly, it will not cause harm. If you cant make it to the salon, the key is to get the cuticles soft, push back gently, and then any excess cuticle you can carefully snip (not pull) with cuticle nippers. Remember not to go to deep. I don’t recommend cutting your cuticles dry.

The image above shows a good example of excess cuticle that can be snipped once softened and gently pushed back. If it originally looks healthy, and you get regular mani’s, you probably will not require much snipping. Another sign your cutting your cuticles too deep, peeling. Peeling skin around the cuticle area that peels up towards your knuckle. If you see a lot of skin that is peeling up, as seen on the middle finger in the above picture, then chances are last time you did a mani it was too deep.

Also, moisturize. Very important! Use cuticle oil at least once a day if you can. This will also help with healthy nail growth.


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