Diamonds Are Forever

Diamonds are forever, and a girls best friend. Quick hand-painted diamonds on Jackie’s freshly manicured hands. Leaving you all with some Kanye “Diamonds” to start off your day.


Nailphilia is a gallery event that feature nail art from TOP London nail technitians. With nail designers like Marian Newman, Sophy Robson, Sam Biddle, Mike Pocock, Megumi Mizuno, Antony Buckley, Jenny Longworth, Sue Marsh, Kirsty Meakin and The Illustrated Nail, the exzibit was sure not to dissapoint. Im still VERY bummed that I could not be in London to see this. This is legendary…


CHANEL is genius for this! Love, love love! Special shout out to the NailPorn blog for posting this. Couldn’t resist but post it up also!

OPI for World Domination

I was joking with my boyfriend, and he’s always getting geeked about graffiti and art videos, and I told him this is what gets me all excited! Haha! I love the way this was filmed, and I’m also very shocked. I did not know OPI started off as such a small company, and was so amazed when they said that they never borrowed money…

Aint Nothing But A She Thing

Shout out to @djJennyBlaze on Twitter for reminding me about this song. I was looking for female empowering songs for a project I’m working on, and she twitted me this one. Almost forgot about it. Love the video, Salt N Pepa takin’ over!

Wrap Up of Wicker Park Fest

So I just finished up at The Silver Room a little bit ago, and we had a great turn out. Thanks to everyone for coming out and showing much love, and an extra special thanks to The Silver Room for allowing me to work at their shop. Keep a look out on the blog, I might be back their very soon! I actually didn’t…

Carving The Mountains

Every lady should watch this video, because not only will you want to go out and buy a longboard asap, but its also kick ass seeing these ladies “Carve the Mountains” better than a man could. At some points it reminds me of break dancing, but done on longboards. These ladies make it look so effortless, and I’m not going to lie, I’m completely…