Nail Art Event Tommorow Night!

  I’m doing nail art for the ladies at this event! Don’t snooze ladies! You wont want to miss this one. Check out more details on the Facebook invite HERE. Presents… “No Feedback” Friday 2/24 @ Subterranean (Upstairs) 2011 W. North Avenue Chicago IL Performing Live: Nitty Scott, MC Rita J Esohel St. Bagu On the 1’s and 2’s: DJ Rude1 DJ Scend…

Bad Girls Do It Well

I have been all on MIA’s “Bad Girls” video, and I’m completely hooked on the fashion and style in the vid. When Delia requested MIA nails, I was super geeked! She also loves pizza, so we did a tribute under a camo print on the middle fingers.  

Brass X Nailgasm

Just had an amazing time with Brass, who flew out to Chicago from Los Angeles to catch some footage of me for her nail art documentary, Nailgasm. I’m so excited to be a part of this film, and think its HUGE from the nail art movement. It’s so nice to have someone acknowledge nail art as a artform. Please check out the teaser video…


  Okay, let me just tell you how mad I am at myself for not thinking of this first! Got a tweet from Giogo today about the video, and the moment I pressed play I thought “freaking genius!” Strut those nails ladies!

Bad Girls

Had to post this video of M.I.A’s new song “Bad Girls” because not only am I super digging this song, but because she handles her nails in the video. M.I.A always seems to come just in time for summer anthems, and I know me and my girl are going to be blasting this non-stop when the warm weather hits. And the ladies in this…

Sleigh Bells – Reign of Terror

Sleigh Bells just released a teaser video for their LP Reign of Terror, and I’m loving Alexis’s nails in the video, and digging the song. Click the link below to watch the teaser video. Sleigh Bells – Reign of Terror.   Edit: Special thanks to WornWhite on Twitter for pointed out who the nail designer is who did Alexis’s nails in the Reign of Terror video. Designer…

KISS X GAGA X Naomi Yasuda

I think its pretty safe to say that Lady Gaga is a nail icon, so its no shock to me that Gaga teamed up with KISS Nails to release 4 sets of limited edition press on nails. Unfortuntly, they are limited for the holidays at Gaga’s Workshop at Barneys NY, and go for $45 a pop. Snatch them up! Edit: Must give major credit…

Nail Spotting: Gaga for Nails

Lady Gaga sporting some insanely crazy nails in her music videos yet again. UK nail artist and designer, Marian Newman designed the nails for the new Gaga video, “You and I.”

Evil Eye’s & Cuticle Care

Ladies, please do not do your cuticles before you get a mani. Leave it to the pros because you should cut very minimal amount of cuticle, most people cut too much, and then bacteria can get inside the skin and cause irritation. The best friend tried cleaning up her cuticles a day before hand, and I had to drop some knowledge on her since…

I’ve been Loopt’d!

NAIL ART // LOOPT CHICAGO from Lisa Frame on Vimeo. Just in case you missed the post on Loopt, or Refinery29, here is the video I shot with @LisaFrame, @KellyRyanObrien, and @LooptChicago!