Viva La Hard Candy

Does anyone else feel like they should bring back Hard Candy? I loved that the polishes came with a little plastic ring, and for some reason back when I was a kid that was so mind-blowing to me and “cutting edge”. Now there is polish that crackles, is magnetic, turns into croc print, and even changes colors to your mood. Somebody throw on Spice…


Wish I knew the source for this!

KISS X GAGA X Naomi Yasuda

I think its pretty safe to say that Lady Gaga is a nail icon, so its no shock to me that Gaga teamed up with KISS Nails to release 4 sets of limited edition press on nails. Unfortuntly, they are limited for the holidays at Gaga’s Workshop at Barneys NY, and go for $45 a pop. Snatch them up! Edit: Must give major credit…

Reptilian Love

Finally! I heard buzz about LCN coming up with a croc polish, that is formulated to give your nails a textured look like a crocodile effect, and now Im seeing photos surfacing on the web! Best part is no animals are harmed in the making of your chic manicure! Cant wait to hear more and to get my hands on some! Source: Bostinista

Kitty Klaws

Nail goddess Sophy Robson is always keeping the nail industry on their toes. These pointy talons are fierce, but I would never try to sport them out on the streets. Cool for photo shoots though!   EDIT: The second picture if from Disco Nail. Shout out to Isis Nicole for pointing that out!

Nail Trend: Lucite Dreams

Looks like CND started a whole other trend yet again! Loved when the photos dropped of the lucite with hand-painted lace designs that CND nail artist Candice Manacchio did for Joy Cioci. Now Minx, taking note from CND, has come up with their spin on the lucite look. Minx manicurist Marian Newman did the following looks for David Koma at London Fashion Week. Drooling! Cant want to experiement…

Nail Trend: Magnetic Nail Polish

Newest nail art trend involves, seriously! The nail industry is always coming out with something new, which is of course exciting, but sometimes difficult to stay on top of it all! I heard of nail company LCN who came out with magnetic polish, and now Nails Inc is coming out with their metals magnetic collection. I think Nails Inc stole the spotlight from…

CND Fall 2011 Trends

CND, how I love thee. Check out Creative Nail Design’s take on Fall 2011 Runway Looks.

Fashion Night Out: Nails Edition

Okay, so I’m drooling over all the cool nail stuff that was happening forFashion Night Out, and of course bummed I couldnt partake in any of the big events since I don’t live in the Big Apple. Essie did a cool nail bar, teaming up with Teen Vogue. Love the tents with lights, and the all white. Something about all white with pops of color that…

Nail Spotting: Hottest Fall Colors

Did some nail spotting in Ulta the other day, and it confirmed my gut feeling of the Fall looks/colors that are going to be popular. Camels & Nudes, Mysterious dark blues and denim colors, and Metallics. I also think bright reds are going to be thrown in there a bit. Excited to see that Ulta has been stepping up their polish game, and now offers Zoya and…