Spring Dreams

Spring is finally here! Used NCLA’s lacquer in “As If!” as the base color for this Spring creation.

Prabal Gurung

Prabal Gurung inspired nails from the Spring 2012 collection. Dress was made popular by the Princess herself, Kate Middelton. News is the princess is preggo. Congrats to the Royal couple!


Mosaic inspired nails with Shellac No-Chip.

Viva La Hard Candy

Does anyone else feel like they should bring back Hard Candy? I loved that the polishes came with a little plastic ring, and for some reason back when I was a kid that was so mind-blowing to me and “cutting edge”. Now there is polish that crackles, is magnetic, turns into croc print, and even changes colors to your mood. Somebody throw on Spice…

Sugar Skulls

Sugar Skull No Chip

Nail Candy: Azealia Banks

Azealia rocking some American pride on her nails. Summer nails.

Nail Candy: Fafi

Even Fafi keeps her nails did!

Hood Rich

Tabatha from Married the Mob’s blog describes Gita, Oakland FemmeC as a cross between Aaliyah and Baby Spice, but I def feel like theres some G-status to this chick as well. Gita is the kind of girl to keep her nails right and braids tight, so thought I would share her trippy video for her song “Hood Rich”. Money green nails, staying Hood Rich!

VDay-Malibu Barbie Edition

Natalie loves pointy nails, the sharper the better. They gotta be lethal weapons, or they are no good! She’s also super daring with her nails, and wanted to go for the infamous heart tips that have been the biggest trend this month. The teal is “Fly” from the Nicki Minaj collection by OPI. Just need the pink Barbie convertible to make this look complete!

Nail Spotting: Gaga for Nails

Lady Gaga sporting some insanely crazy nails in her music videos yet again. UK nail artist and designer, Marian Newman designed the nails for the new Gaga video, “You and I.”