AstroWifey #ChiDistrict

I was contacted by General Motors to enjoy a ride of choice for a week and since I dream BIG I went for the Cadillac ELR. The ELR is the first Electric Hybrid Coupe from Cadillac, the vehicle operates on electricity for about 30 miles before the gas powered engine will kick in to charge the battery to keep things moving. This whip has everything, anything you can think of it has been done. Automated cupholder covers, ambient blue lights, suede and leather interior, hidden door handles and keyless start. My favorite part of the interior has to be the hidden stash box behind the infotainment system which I only discovered accidently while playing with the touch screen recognition. The screen opened up to reveal a nice size storage space, perfect for storing my polishes by RGB Cosmetics and nail tools while on the run. Peep the video and “read more” to get the full scoop.

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TONIGHT at Beauty Bar Chicago!




Nail Talk Radio X AstroWifey X Polished Girlz Tshirt



I’m excited to announce after months of anticipation that my tshirt design with Nail Talk Radio has just been released! Twelve nail artists and technicians were commissioned to create an all-over print tshirt that represents us as artists, printed with our slogan. My design with NTR includes my signature quote “Go Hard in the Nail Paint” along with an array of some of my favorite nail art chips. The shirt is the 4th in series of 12 and are limited edition, only 100 of each tshirt will be printed!

With each tshirt sale, Nail Talk Radio will kick back 10% of profits to Alanna Wall’s organization Polished Girlz. Alanna is quite the inspirational woman! At only 14 years old she dedicates her time to hospitals and support facilities polishing the nails of little ladies or woman that are going through treatments or rehabilitation. Wall’s signature nail makeover includes tons of sparkle and bling, she does not skimp on the glitter or gems. She has been published everywhere from Teen Vogue to Nails Magazine and has been featured on The Ellen Show, there is nothing stopping Wall from spreading inspiration and nail art love. You can purchase my tshirt or check out some of the other artists involved by visiting Nail Talk Radio’s SHOP or clicking on the tshirt image above.

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Allure’s 7 Instagram Accounts to Follow if You’re Nail-Obsessed

Screenshot 2014-07-17 00.48.47


Screenshot 2014-07-17 00.51.27 has featured me alongside 6 of my nail girls as one of the 7 Instagrams to follow if you have Nail FOMO (Fear of Missing Out)! My Instagram feed was described as “Crazy-cool designs that incorporate spikes, 3-D elements, and an occasional face (for example, a thumb tribute to Tupac and Biggie). Also, a Mara Hoffman-inspired manicure I would wear every day this summer.” You know I’m stoked! Click the image above to be directed to the link.


#TipsyLove Friday at Beauty Bar Chicago!



MOD Magazine: Color Play



Excited to announce that the MOD Magazine Art Issue is out! Click on the opening image to be directed to the online issue, read on to see additional nail shots and credits from the editorial.

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AstroWifey Nails for McDonalds

Screenshot 2014-03-14 12.30.51

I worked with McDonald’s Twitter to create a Shamrock Shake manicure at their offices a couple of days ago. Find the original tweet by following @McDonalds on Twitter. “Who’s Lovin’ It”? Click below to see additional photos.

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