Groupon Visit’s My Studio


Photos by Stephanie Anderson

I am so high off of this article on by Kelly MacDowell and I swear its not because of the polish fumes. I can trustfully say that this has been one of the best and accurate articles written about my work and I feel like I am ready for world domination after reading it! This article really focuses on how I view my work, as pieces of art which does express different seasons and beauty but really is about expression of self and art. I am most passionate and inspired during nail sessions where my client want tiny paintings inspired by art pieces or detailed patterns from Fashion Designers; which is totally art as well. I love the challenge of detail in a small space and the tinier the nail the better in my opinion. I love to be inspired by my clients. This article also touches and focuses on my work in museums like the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago with artist Dzine, The Brooklyn Museum and MoMA PS1 in New York with Vanity Projects as well as takes you through what a typical day in my quiet nail studio is like (complete with a play-by-play of images from my friend Stephanie Anderson). Kelly interviewed me for this piece while getting her nails done and mentioned how she was really intrigued by Alfred Hitchcock’s ‘The Birds’. After a few gems, black and grey paint and a big splatter mess later I was finished and Anderson was up close and person snapping every bit of detail that would make my entire day, week, month..okay most likely my year. Read it already! Its totally worth it-Nail Artist’s Honor!

astrowifey-1-8READ ON for more exclusive action and studio shots from Stephanie Anderson.







Photos courtesy of Stephanie Anderson

Photos courtesy of Stephanie Anderson


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