AstroWifey #ChiDistrict

I was contacted by General Motors to enjoy a ride of choice for a week and since I dream BIG I went for the Cadillac ELR. The ELR is the first Electric Hybrid Coupe from Cadillac, the vehicle operates on electricity for about 30 miles before the gas powered engine will kick in to charge the battery to keep things moving. This whip has everything, anything you can think of it has been done. Automated cupholder covers, ambient blue lights, suede and leather interior, hidden door handles and keyless start. My favorite part of the interior has to be the hidden stash box behind the infotainment system which I only discovered accidently while playing with the touch screen recognition. The screen opened up to reveal a nice size storage space, perfect for storing my polishes by RGB Cosmetics and nail tools while on the run. Peep the video and “read more” to get the full scoop.

During my week ride I enjoyed the Chicago Skyline on Lake Shore Drive, drove to house calls for my clients, shipped out dozens of Tipsy Zine’s and even went on an adventure for a tattoo from Allie Sider of Code of Conduct in Chicago’s South Loop. I have to say it was difficult to say bye at the end of the week. As it says on Cadillac’s website under the ELR overview, “It’s for those who seek opportunities to move the world forward. And who believe that only by working hard are we able to experience the best life has to offer.”


My nails were done to match the ELR with blue tips to play off the LED ambient blue piping lights along the door and in the foot wells of the car. The middle color is black to match the interior and exterior paint and ending with white to play off of the control lights. I applied a holographic strip down the center of the nails to match the chrome.

Special thanks to Nick from for making the video! Follow @DistrictDrive and search @ChiDistrict to see what other Chicagoans are driving around the city.

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