Nail Talk Radio X AstroWifey X Polished Girlz Tshirt



I’m excited to announce after months of anticipation that my tshirt design with Nail Talk Radio has just been released! Twelve nail artists and technicians were commissioned to create an all-over print tshirt that represents us as artists, printed with our slogan. My design with NTR includes my signature quote “Go Hard in the Nail Paint” along with an array of some of my favorite nail art chips. The shirt is the 4th in series of 12 and are limited edition, only 100 of each tshirt will be printed!

With each tshirt sale, Nail Talk Radio will kick back 10% of profits to Alanna Wall’s organization Polished Girlz. Alanna is quite the inspirational woman! At only 14 years old she dedicates her time to hospitals and support facilities polishing the nails of little ladies or woman that are going through treatments or rehabilitation. Wall’s signature nail makeover includes tons of sparkle and bling, she does not skimp on the glitter or gems. She has been published everywhere from Teen Vogue to Nails Magazine and has been featured on The Ellen Show, there is nothing stopping Wall from spreading inspiration and nail art love. You can purchase my tshirt or check out some of the other artists involved by visiting Nail Talk Radio’s SHOP or clicking on the tshirt image above.

Want to find out how you can further get involved? Read on to see what nail supply donations Polished Girlz will gladly accept so they can continue to paint fingertips around the globe.

Accepting Donations of the Following Items:

Nail Polish
Aprons {black}
Polish Remover
Nail Art Stickers
Art Acrylic Paint
Cotton Balls
Nail Files
Hand Sanitizer
Cotton Towels- white
Nail Dryers
Nail Art Brushes
Cosmetic Grade Glitters
Financial Support
Team Members

Mailing a Donation? Send Donations To:

Polished Girlz
PO Box 60293
Dayton, Ohio

Make A Donation via Paypal


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