Round Up of The Sounds of Summer


Summer has come and gone along with the many music fest’s in Chicago. Thinking back about all the music and festival nails I did this summer, I felt it was only appropriate to compile a round up to reminisce of the sounds of Summer. 


Marilyn Manson Art

Marilyn Manson performed in June and this was one of the first set’s I did to kick off the summer music nail trend. Manson is known for his use of makeup so naturally we did his signature eye.


Paul McCartney Show (The Beatles Tribute)

These were one of my favorite to work on this summer! I have always wanted to do Yellow Submarine nails so when a client came to Chicago to watch Paul McCartney’s show and wanted Paul and Beatles nails the ideas started flying. There was no way I could do Beatle’s nails without doing some Heinz Edelmann art!



Beyonce Queen B

The Queen B herself swarmed to Chicago and her honey bees went wild, even on their nails. Marianna wanted press on’s so we decked them in gold and honeycombs just as Beyoncè herself would probably do.


Pearl Jam

These were extra special because they meant so much to my client who wanted them. As a long time Pearl Jam fan, she identified with so much of their music and a lot of songs had a lot of personal meaning to her. We did a tribute to one of her favorite song’s “Jeremy” on her ring finger.



My great friend Edie went to see Bjork at Pitchfork and wanted her nails done in John Kricfalusi’s illustrations from the music video I Miss You. Kricfalusi is most known for his illustrations from Ren & Stimpy, a childhood classic of most (if your parents allowed or you were good at sneaking an episode after school). The illustrations in the video are pretty amazing, trippy and weird and worth watching if you have never seen it before.


Justin Timberlake & Jay Z

Justin Timberlake and Jay Z performed at Soldiers Field for their Legends of Summer Tour. The dark blue polish is “Scantily Clad” by Bernadette Thompson.


Lollapalooza Performers Album Cover Art


These nails were pretty fun to work on as each one represents a different album cover from artists that performed at Lollapalooza. Nine Inch Nails, Beach House, and The Cure were just a few painted on these nails for the Lolla celebrations.


David Bowie

David Bowie did not perform this summer but these were inspired by his fashion and thought they were pretty fitting in the theme of music, and who’s to say that Space Oddity wasn’t playing over my speakers this summer?


Depeche Mode

Depeche Mode! These were the final nails I did as a farewell to all of the Summer shows. Sad to know the Summer is gone but my nail kit will be stocked with crimsons, metallics and the best nudes for Fall. That is always something to look foreword to. Heres to next year!

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