AstroWifey in Downtown Girls by Wah Nails


Getting into nail art years ago I stumbled upon a group of fly chicks in the UK creating custom nails and I knew they were ladies to watch, I kept a strong eye and watched as the Wah empire blew up. I remember when Sharmadean Reid, the brain baby behind Wah Nails opened up her first location in 2009 in the East End of London. Shortly there after an explosion of events and opportunities popped up for these well manicured ladies. Wah has pop up salons in Selfridges and a permanent location in TOPSHOP Oxford Circus and even they even made it all the way to Opening Ceremony in Japan for a manicure party. There is nothing this nail army cant conquer! Last year Reid released it’s first book, The Wah Nails Book of Nail Art which was jam packed with featured profiles of the ladies behind Wah as well as nail art tutorials. This year they are back with part two, Downtown Girls Nail Art and Style Bible. I couldn’t click my fingernails on my keyboard quick enough to reply to Sharmadean when she contacted me to be apart of her second book which features what she profiles as nail art pioneers as well as all Wah approved style trends.


This book has 25 nail designs ranging from classic looks to Japanese Kawaii styles as well as interviews on nail artists, film makers, promoters and nail polish princesses. This style bible has all the tips and advice you need to be covered in any situation. Read about what led me to become a nail artists as well as how Tipsy Zine was born, get your copy now on Amazon! International Nail Crew Unite!

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