Love Letter: A Steve Power’s Tribute



My client Nicole comes pretty regularly for nails, and always takes her appointment very seriously by doing research before she comes in for a new set and always has such creative ideas. She is such a pleasure to work with that when the RedEye contacted me to do a story on my work and wanted to interview one of my clients I knew she was the one! She gets what the nails are all about and totally makes sure her nails reflect exactly who she is. You can read the article in the RedEye HERE.

Last week she came to devote her nails to her man _Ro_Beezy247! A nail love letter if you will, inspired by Steve Power’s work. Power’s work is full of clever and sweet one liners and he has such an amazing sign workers style. I have so much respect for the dying art of hand painted sign work. You may remember the other set of Steve Power’s nails we did a while back for Nicole’s trip to NYC. I love this idea of doing a tribute to the one you love, but without using the typical hearts and names. Or anything super permanent like a tattoo for that matter (that’s just bad luck!).

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