New York for Vanity Projects

Almost two weeks ago I flew out to New York to work with Vanity Projects at MoMA PS1 in the ConfettiSystems installation. Vanity Projects is the nail brain child of Rita De Alencar Pinto, an art curator whose love for nail art lead her in the direction of hosting nail pop up shops at some of the coolest locations in the U.S. In the summer Pinto plans on opening a nail salon where some of the best designer manicurists customize your fingertips, while you enjoy visuals of video art displays.


Confettisystems installation in MoMA PS1


Doing @TracyAllison’s nails

I had the honor of working with some of my favorite nail artists with Vanity Projects, such as U Don’t Need A Man, You Need A Manicure’s Jessica Washick, Ami Vega of El Salonsito, and Naomi Yasuda. These ladies are some of the best in the game, and I admire each one of their individual styles and take on nails. Yasuda’s nail gem game is SO proper, and her work has graced the fingertips of Madonna and Chanel ad’s. Vega’s attention to extreme detail will make your mouth drop, and Washick has such a sexy and dainty illustrator style.


U Don’t Need A Man, U Need A Manicure’s Jessica Washick


Jessica Washick


Ami Vega, El Salonsito


Ami Vega Takashi Murakami nails

One of my best takeaways from my recent travels has been getting to know and work with the different nail artists. We swapped so many tips and pointers and I feel like I have learned a nail secret from each one of the ladies, and I also got to catch dinner with Fleury Rose. The continued support is my awesome to see and one of the driving reasons why I felt it was important to start Tipsy Zine. We definitely are building up a nail art community, and I feel like I left with more friends to call my nail art family. We came, we saw, our nail posse conquered.


Naomi Yasuda’s Nail Menu

After working at PS1, Vanity Projects and I teamed up and tackled a private super bowl party for Tumblr. As usual the men were just as interested in manicures, and surprisingly patiently waited around for their opportunity to rep their favorite team on their pinky nail. One tumblr male employee went as far as doing a full manicure of the signature Tumblr color blue and logo. For real, he deserves a raise or at least employee of the month for that!


Tumblr MANicures

I was only in New York a few days, but I feel like I got to experience and do just about everything. I also did some crate digging in the garment district and surplus nail supply shops to find all the embellishments and supplies I can’t find in Chicago. I probably drove the employees of the embellishments shops insane by counting out all the Swarovski crystals and beads since I left with so many tiny items but I had to take advantage of the situation. It got dusty, it required patience but so worth the time. Nail hype.


Working at MoMA PS1 was beyond words. I would have never thought that I would be able to provide live art at MoMA, nor it be nail art. How bizarre and amazing is that? Kind of mind blowing, and I am forever grateful that I could be a part of that experience with Vanity Projects. I have my eyes on you New York, I have a feeling I’ll be back sooner than later. You were way too good to me.






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