Help Polished Girlz!

Last month I went to the Ronald McDonald House of Cincinnati to work with Polished Girlz to bring some nail joy into the lives of the girls staying at RMH. I met Alanna, the creator of Polished Girlz, and had a blast teaching her and her volunteers how to do snowflake nails. Polished Girlz is an organization of girls teaming up to bring children in hospitals a smile with some nail magic. Whenever a little girl is having a tough day or feeling under the weather, Alanna and her army of volunteers come to the rescue with her Caboodle full of nail lacquer in every shade imaginable. Did I mention Alanna is only 12, and started Polished Girlz at 9 years old! She continues to inspire me week after week with her talent and gift. She is raising money to print her first hand washing guide with The Children’s Hospital to educate on proper hand washing techniques to save lives and reduce infection rates, and needs our help. I’m asking my supporters to look into her cause and help any way you can. If you can’t donate financially, then please spread the word about her mission. To send donations please visit HERE, or click the image above to be directed to her GoFundMe page. She even has gifts for donators, like a bottle of her Orly “Polished Girlz Pink” or one of her Polished Girlz bracelets.

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