A Letter from Me in 2013

This year has been an amazing year! I have been blessed to be a part of so many awesome projects and have continued to try to push myself in my career and with business moves. I owe all my determination from the support I get from everyone around me and those that follow my work. It fuels me to what to continue to keep moving further and to have enough guts to share my art with all that are willing to pay attention. Last night being around so many supportive friends made me realize something for the first time about what I do. I was getting compliments on a specific nail set that I posted recently that I was not particularly proud of, and reluctantly posted the photo. But noticed once I did, for some reason it was a hit. When telling my friend I almost didn’t share that photo, he said “Well, as an artist you will always critique your own art form.” And that made me realize something amazing, as a man he is interested enough to follow my work which is awesome in itself, and also that he views what I do as actual art and an refers to it as an artform. I think 7 years ago if I would have told someone I do nails it would not have been viewed as an art, but the fact that people really respect that I do put everything into a set of nails and consider their nails as canvas is something pretty amazing. I feel a lot of credit must go out to other supporters of nail art culture, like the booked Nailed by DzineNailgasm Documentary, influential people wearing the art, nail companies supporting the artists, and those sharing the art in magazines, blogs, and even art galleries.

It brings me happiness knowing I can express myself everyday, exercising my abilities on a daily (which I don’t think I would have done in my previous career), and that people literally smile when they look at their nails at the end of a nail session. Its truly a great feeling that my clients are so supportive, and keep me in business by coming back for more. This letter is a thank you to all those that support by giving me feedback on social networking sites, in person, support by being a client, and all the blogs, publications, and artists that are willing to work with me and share my work with their friends and supporters. Being featured in Nailgasm alongside so many nail artists I admire, starting Tipsy Zine to support our community, volunteering with Polished Girlz at the Ronald McDonald House, curating and creating the nails for the Akira F/12 Runway Show, and being supported by so many businesses I admire like CNDNCLARGB Cosmetics, and so many more has been just some of my favorite moments of 2012. Here is to staying Tipsy in 2013, and pushing that boundary even further. Thanks to all that show so much love and encouragement! It never goes unnoticed. Cheers to an even better 2013!

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