ESPO: A NY Tribute

Nicole is going to New York on vacation, and wanted to tribute the Big Apple without doing anything too obvious, like a skyline or apple references. We decided on going with an New York artist tribute and since we are both big fans of ESPO‘s work, it was a no brainer. I admire ESPO’s passion for hand painted signs and clever one liners, it’s so easy to get lost in his work. One hand was dedicated to Coney Island’s signs and infamous Cyclone that ESPO repainted. I don’t think anyone could have done it better. In 2005 ESPO organized “The Dreamland Artists Club“, where artists repainted signs, rides, and murals for Coney Island’s merchants. His obvious ties to the area made it the perfect tribute. The other hand was dedicated to ESPO’s painting “Rodney Dangerfield”.

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