Dzine Get Nailed

I’m sure more of you nail feins are familiar with Dzine’s booked “Nailed”. Dzine loves all things custom, custom lowriders, custom rings, custom nails, and with his newest creation for Chicago Expo, a custom boat. Been a fan of his work for a while now, and was so honored when he asked me to do nails for his studio show on Thursday. I got to dig in Dzines personal giant jewerly collection, and use bits and pieces to create real art on fingernails, no limitations or boundaries. I’m so inspired and creativily charged after this experience that I just want to keep creating mini masterpieces on nail tips, and never stop! At the show I got to work side by side with the Kay, one of the nail artist from the book who was a total sweetheart, and so encouraging. Girl Nail Power Ya’ll! I think we had just as many men get their nails done as woman at the show, even had an 80 year old man who said he always tries everything at least once. YOLO! Here is some images from the show.

Photos by: KL13

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