Viva La Hard Candy

Does anyone else feel like they should bring back Hard Candy? I loved that the polishes came with a little plastic ring, and for some reason back when I was a kid that was so mind-blowing to me and “cutting edge”. Now there is polish that crackles, is magnetic, turns into croc print, and even changes colors to your mood. Somebody throw on Spice World or Clueless, and bring over some Hard Candy! I feel like reliving my youth.

3 Comments on “Viva La Hard Candy

  1. The brought it back a little, only available at Wal-Mart.they’re so not as good as the originals though,but they still come with the rings. The polish line is small as they seem to focus on makeup, which is subpar.

  2. Please bring back HardCandy Polish it lasted forever,plus they had great colors

  3. Hard candy was so ahead of the game. They were the only ones doing unusuals colors. At the time the only crazy color was Chanel’s vamp. It took five plus years for everyone else to catch on. My first hard candy was a royal blue chrome. Loved that color, Luv hard candy, luvved the raver ring.

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