Nicole Miller Contest

Okay, so you ya’ll remember when I posted about the Nicole Miller prints I did the other day? Well I was browsing on Nicole Miller’s Facebook, and noticed they were asking for nail art submissions. Seriously, a strange coincidence. So I send in my Miller nails as a submission. Guess what?! They selected my picture as the winner for the contest! They hooked it up with 4 of CND’s hottest summer shades, and a base and top coat! I religiously use CND’s Solar Oil, Stickey base coat, Shellac No Chip, and Cuticle Away because I am obsessed with their formulas and products. Now that I have the top coat, hooked to that as well! Check out the other submissions HERE.

6 Comments on “Nicole Miller Contest

  1. Congrats to you! I think you did an amazing job interpreting the fabric & style of Nicole!!

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