Brass X Nailgasm

Just had an amazing time with Brass, who flew out to Chicago from Los Angeles to catch some footage of me for her nail art documentary, Nailgasm. I’m so excited to be a part of this film, and think its HUGE from the nail art movement. It’s so nice to have someone acknowledge nail art as a artform. Please check out the teaser video for the film, and if you’d like to support by offering a donation towards the project, please visit her KickStarter profile. If you donate $10 or more, you will get a “Support Your Local Nail Artist” button. Check out the tumblr for the project for updates HERE.

While Brass was here filming, I had to hook her up with some acrylics with some fly nail art. Dabbled in some water marbling (lots of trial and error) and threw in a tribute to Brass with designs from her business card on her index fingers, and BRASS lettering on her middles. I LOVE this set, they were a ton of fun to work on. I’m sad to say Brass left on Friday, but she’s on her way to NY next, and then London, and I cant wait to see what she films! Support the movement!



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