Bleeding Heart Event

The past week has been a whirlwind. Literally packing in so many things in such little time, that even my friends have been saying every time they try to contact me, I’m doing nails. Im not complaining, I’m doing what I love! I have so many photos to update with, so please forgive me on my late and lack of posts. Been busy going hard in the nail paint!
Last week I did complimentary red manicures and designs for the Bleeding Heart Project’s launch event. The event was a success, and it was awesome seeing everyone getting together for a good cause. Check out more about The Bleeding Heart Project HERE.


I cannot forget to mention that NCLA has sent me their entire nail lacquer collection (will blog more on that later), and you know I had to do a look using some of there lacquer! The girls at the event loves the glitter fade, and the new colors.



All photos were snapped at the event using Instagram. Follow AstroWifey on IG for more updates.



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