A Peak Into My Nail Space

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When people hear that I work freelance from home, I think they don’t know what to expect. I’m sure a range of questions run through peoples minds. Well, wanted to share with you all my space, to give you an idea of what to expect if you make an appointment with me from home. Putting your mind at ease. I sanitize according to state guidelines after each and every client (probably more than the average salon), and I’m certified. I choose mainly to work freelance from home so I can give my clients the ultimate experience, at awesome prices. I have creative freedom, ton of supplies on hand, and it allows my clients to get comfy. My home is your home…

To set up an appointment with me at home, located on the NorthWest Side of Chicago, please click HERE.

If your not comfortable coming into my space, I work on Saturdays at Celebrity Salon in Evanston, IL from 10am-5pm. To set up an appointment you can call the salon at (847) 424-9006. (Manicures with design only at this time at this location. Acrylics/NoChip appointments must be arranged with me at my home nail studio)

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