My good friend Sarah, who I call my Earth Mamacita because she keeps me grounded in this city-life, had gifted her mom a certificate for the holidays. Her mom is just as awesome, and creative as my girl, so it was so much fun working on Missy’s fingers. Her rockstar momma went for a peacock feather, floating sparrows, and her unique ohm symbol which is an ode to one of her necklaces. Missy is also an artist and creator, and was telling me of all the cool mediums she has painted on using nail polish. Even her phone had diamonds and art on it with nail polish, and she  told me stories of how she decked out her bike a few years back as well. Yay for Nail-Art Mommas! Check out Sarah’s blog HERE, let her drop some knowledge on you! Her writing and insight is definitely worth your time. Seriously blessed to have her as a close friend.

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