Okay, so a few things I am freaking out about! Just heard that artist Dzine released a book titled “Nailed” documenting nail art from around the globe, and literally, I need to get my nail art fingers on this! Santa..please! Then I found out that Dzine is a Chicago artist! And wait, it gets better. He just had an artist instillation dubbed “Imperial Nails” with was held during Art Basel at Standard Spa Miami. You could get your nails hooked up, while also getting to peak into the life of the artists childhood as the space was decorated using authentic pieces of what he literally found in his living room growing up.

Nail appointments were by invite only, but looks like the ladies at The Valley NYC were involved (spotted the logos on the shirts). The installation was an ode to his mother, who was a first-generation Puerto Rican woman hustlin’ doing nails and hair in her apartment while Dzine was a child. So obviously I love that this is involving nail art, Dzine is from my from my hometown, and they are of Puerto Rican decent, my roots! What can I not love about this situation. Seriously considering catching a flight to Miami asap before this weekend, crashing on someones couch (Any takers? I’ll supply nails!), to catch a glimpse of this. HA! Is it sad that I’m kind of serious?!

Purchase the book here.

2 Comments on “Nailed!

  1. thank you for covering all the bases. I wanted to say more but i felt like it would have been a history lesson and a bit too personal on nail porn. however, you’re take on dzine is well done. i hope he see’s you on this
    Isis Nicole

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