Well Manicured Man?

The ladies in my class were just having this discussion about men more and more men now asking for colored polishes on their toes and such during pedicures. Yes, straight men. I actually am waiting for the day Im lucky enough to get a hold of a guy who would rock a design on a pinky or something! So when I seen this post by Refinery29 on the men polish line by EvolutionMan, I had to write about it. Honestly, Im not sure how excited I would be if my boyfriend asked me to put color polish on his toes, but I do support a man getting a nice manicure or pedi to clean up his nails. Well, let me rephrase that. My boyfriend isn’t really into fashion… well high fashion. More into street wear brands and sneaker culture, so seeing him with colored nail polish would be strange. But I can very well see men who are rockstar types, or super into fashion wearing this trend, and pulling it off. What is your thoughts on a colored-polish MANicure?


Source: Refinery29

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