Now offering OPI Axxium No Chip Manicures!

Excited to announce I’m now offering OPI Axxium No-Chip Manicures! The polish will last 2 weeks without chipping! Design work can be done with No-Chip Manicures, but design selection is limited as its a gel-polish, which does not work that well with blending and detailing. But designs are very much possible! Check out the post here and here featuring design work on OPI No-Chip! To book an appointment visit my StyleSeat account.

Also, check out the other goodies I picked up. New polishes, some metallic and bling for the holidays, with some lighter shades. From left to right, Essies “Cocktail Bling” and “Pretty in Pink”, OPI’s “Designer..De Better!” and Essies” Steeling The Scene” and “Topless and Barefoot”

Special thanks to NCLA for sending over two of their awesome new designs! Left is named “Blush” and the other is “Gold Dust.” I have tons of ideas flowing for these!

If you’d like to book an appointment you can visit my StyleSeat Account here.

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