Fashion Night Out: Nails Edition

Okay, so I’m drooling over all the cool nail stuff that was happening forFashion Night Out, and of course bummed I couldnt partake in any of the big events since I don’t live in the Big Apple. Essie did a cool nail bar, teaming up with Teen Vogue. Love the tents with lights, and the all white. Something about all white with pops of color that always makes me feel happy.

ColorClub did a polish ice cream truck! I swear, Ive always dreamt of doing this. Now too late, but major props! Cute idea!

CND Shellac offered a mobile truck, offering free Shellac services!

Sophy Robson was at it again doing denim drips and other signature looks with Chanels new denim polish line. Drooling! I believe this was in the London Chanel shop.

Sophy Robson denim drip nails

As mentioned before in my previous post, Minx was doing “One Night Stand” manicures by celeb nail artist Lisa Logan, with Marc Jacobs purchase. Click here to review the post.

NARS dropped “Space Oddesy”, a awesome silver polish shade in honor of the event! Macaroons, champange, and Space Oddesy. Classy.

So basically, Im super bummed I couldnt be there to see this all live. Next year maybe Chicago will be doing something super cool that I could participate in!

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