One Night Stand (For Your Hand)

Minx and Marc Jacobs are teaming up for a One Night Stand. Literally. Bad news, you can only get your hands on these if you make a purchase (while supplies last) at Sax Fifth Avenue at Fashion Night Out, and a few other events (list located below). These are not a traditional Minx that requires a heatlamp, but more like a decal/wrap, which will only last 1-2 days, hense the name “One Night Stand.” The decals are prints from the Marc by Marc Jacobs Fall 2011 collection. Nail artist Lisa Logan, will be available during the events for professional application. For a list of events offering the Marc Jacob Minx, see below:

→Saks New York Fashion’s Night Out Event

→Bloomingdales Soho Lucky Magazine Event

→Bloomingdales 59th Street 2nd Floor Grand Reopening Even


I want to recreate a few of these looks, like the camo on the bright orange background, and the flowers. Make an appointment to get a recreation of this look done by-hand by visiting

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