Nail Trend: Finger Bands

Suprisingly, butter London’s polish trend this year from NY Fashion Week is not on your nails, but on your fingers! I thought I seen this done before by a different company/designer last year, but cant quite put my finger on it. The bands are actually polish used from butter London’s collection, which is safe for the skin since they use a “3-Free” formula, free of harmful chemicals like  Formaldehyde, Toluene, and DBP.  To see how to do this look at home, follow the steps below that were found here on butter Londons site. You can purchase all the colors used in this look as a pack for $45 on the site.

How To Create FingerBands
• Start with clean, dry skin – so the polish won’t crack. No lotion
• Swipe skin with acetone before painting
• Paint the skin where it doesn’t move much, starting just below the first knuckle. 1 band per finger; double or a single,2 fingers per hand
• Keep the actual nails immaculate, clean and short with 1 coat of Hardwear P.D Quick Topcoat
• The bands take about 15 minutes to dry on the skin (the same amount of time polish takes to dry on the nails) and last about 24 hours

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