Nail Trend: Matching Makeup to Nails

One of the most popular trends on the runway for Fall will be makeup that matches your nails. No not Mimi from the Drew Carrey show matchy, but more of a natural beauty matchy. I’m not one to just jump on trends just because everyone else is doing it, but I will keep my ears and eyes on the fashion trends because for the most part, I usually end up liking the looks. I think fashion, makeup, and nails is just another form of creativity, so if you enjoy nails as much as I do, seeing these looks floating out in the blogosphere, definitely gets you a bit excited. I’ve been really loving a more natural look, and have noticed a lot of flesh tone polishes out there (will blog more on that later), and really loved this look on the model. Lets just swoon over this model for a moment also. Drop dead gorgeous!
Makeup artist Lisa Eldridge is a makeup guru, and I’m not going to lie, watching her videos really help me break down makeup concepts. I’m mainly always very natural with my makeup, I don’t like spending hours to get ready, and love a natural look, but she makes makeup look so easy..and FAST! If makeup is not your strong suit, and you need some guidance, you will definitely benefit from her other tutorial videos. Until then lets lurk on this models crazy green eyes, plushy lips, and autumn nails.

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