The Silver Room Grown Folk Stories

Thursday I was working at The Silver Room during Grown Folks Story Night, and had such a great night. The thing I love about The Silver Room is that they literally treat everyone as family. Its almost like their home, is your home. The store/gallery is really about supporting the community, and its really refreshing to see that. Most people are only concerned about money, and knowing people with “big” names, but The Silver Room is just as supportive of the “little people”, as they are of any of the well known. I highly recommend that if your looking for anything to do on the third Thursday of every month, check out Grown Folks Stories. Did I mention is always BYOB by the way! Score!

Here is some pictures from the night. There was new art in the store by artist Jeffery Reid, and it was so amazing! Seriously worth checking out this guys work. You can purchase posters of the painting you like for $20 at The Silver Room.

Want to snatch one of my cards? Visit The Silver Room and grab one up!

Loved this couple. Totally cute story!

Told you...BYOB! Or in this case, bring your own drink.

Artist: Jeffery Reid
1921 North Milwaukee Ave #1
Chicago, IL 60647

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