Nail Trend: The Claws Come Out

Speaking about my recent post about nail quills, got me thinking about nail claws. I’ve seen nail claws in the form of removable jewelry, and as an actual nail extension. I first remember seeing it done by jewelry creator Bijules a few years back, and was instantly a fan when I seen Nicole Ritchie rocking them on the cover of BlackBook Magazine because I’ve never seen anything like it before at the time.

Bijules Nail Rings as seen on Nicole Ritchie in BlackBook Magazine

Bijules Nail Ring

Bijules Nail Ring-$166

Short Nail Ring by Bijules

(Short version of the nail ring by Bijules, not available on their site yet.)

Other versions of “claw rings” have been released. Jewelry company nOir did their take on the claw ring, and so did Wax Jewelry. I’m genuinely a huge fan of all these jewelry companies, and love their work. Their other pieces are so worth looking at.

nOir Cat Woman Claw Rings for DC Comics

nOir DC Comic Cat Woman Claw Ring in Silver (pictured is the "long" selection, available in "short" also.

nOir Cat Woman Claw Ring (Long)-$280

Miss Wax ‘Come Hither’ Claw (Gems)-$90

Miss Wax 'Come Hither' Claw

Miss Wax ‘Come Hither’ Claw (Solid)-$65

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