Nail Art Spotting


I was browsing my local Walgreens today, and noticed the walls of nail art supplies now. Loads of rhinestones, glitter polishes, decals, and press on’s. My favorite out of the bunch has to be the Sally Hansen faux Minx. I’ve heard really good reviews on them, and that they can even last longer than Minx. The thing with Minx is it must be done by a professional trained in Minx, because many people who have had Minx say that it did not last more than a few days on their finger nails. As with most nail services, unless done by a specialist, the service will not last as long since professionals use professional products, and have lots of tricks to the trade when it comes to getting polishes, decals, Minx, and other services to last. When Minx is done by a professional, preferable someone who took an actual Minx workshop held by the company, it should last close to two weeks.
Now I’m just wondering off topic…buy while browsing the drug store, I noticed that even cosmetic company Milani is jumping on the nail art bandwagon. Snapped a quick photo of their advertisement with their glitter nail art.
I have a feeling for fall/winter the trend is going to be gunmetal polishes, glitters, and matte nails. I already see it out in full force!

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