Take A Guess?

Can anyone guess which album covers these were inspired by? Hint: they are all hip hop albums. The only two nails that were not inspired by an album where the thumbs and middle fingers. Sorry for the horrible quality photo, I snapped it off my iphone. AstroHubby had our camera that night. lol

6 Comments on “Take A Guess?

  1. i can only guess one…LOW END THEORY BY TRIBE CALLED QUEST! very cool girl, id like something special for my bday, do you take house calls or anything like that? where can i get more info? Im on the Northwest Side of Chicago? hit me up mari23x@gmail.com. thanks

    • Hey Mari,
      I do take house calls for a small additional charge. I prefer that clients come to my home because I have all my supplies there. I have a nail studio set up in my apartment when you first walk in, so it’s very professional and almost like a salon. I will be working in the West Loop at a salon in December, so you can soon also find me there. When is your birthday? I live on the NorthWest side of the city as well. I seen your email, I will return your email in a few minutes. Thanks for commenting. Please visit back soon!

    • Oh forgot to mention. Good job on Low End Theory! The index is J Dilla-The Shining and the pinkie is Erykah Badu’s Mama’s Gun.

  2. I’m about to start scheduling an appointment real soon since fall semester is coming up. My nails are naturally long, does that change anything? Should I clip them down to one shorter length?


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