Back To School

I did these “Back to School” nails for a contest for Nail Pro Magazine. I’m a huge fan of this mag, and always wait impatiently for my next issue to come in the mail so I can stay up to date on new products, techniques, or what else the nail industry is up to. For the contest, Nail Pro is giving away a chrome Slimline Table Lamp to the first place winner. They will announce the first place winner in their October issue, and let me tell you, there is some pretty stiff competition out there. So see some of the other submissions click here. When creating these nails, I wanted to do something that had more of a fashion spin, and not just typically what you think of when you hear “Back to School.” I wanted it to be something wearable. So for the thumbs I wanted to mimic the look of a composition notebook, the ring finger is a traditional silver ruler, the middle is notebook paper, the ring is a Mui Mui apple print, and the pinky finger is gold stars, just like when you were a kid and got an “A” on your project and got gold star stickers. Keep your fingers crossed for me!

2 Comments on “Back To School

    • Thank you Kate! Glad you enjoy! Keep your fingers crossed for me. Trying to win the nail light! Hope you come back to visit my blog.

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