Feeling the Love!

Man, I really feel so blessed to be surrounded by such amazing people! My girl Margie (as sneaky as she is), posted the peacock and cheetah nails I did for her on her blog. If your from Chicago, love music, or a quick-witted chick, or all of the above, check out her lovely blog here. This chick is as sweet as pie, but dont let her fool you, she quick with the comebacks!

Also, need to give a special shoutout to Idols and Egos! She posted a feature on her blog of AstroWifey nails! I ran into Kelly on Saturday at Wicker Park Fest while working at The Silver Room. She came up to me and asked to take a picture of me for her fashion blog. I must admit, I was caught a bit off guard and looked around before asking “Who? Me?” First time thats ever happened to me, but it was definitely a cool experience. I ran inside after she gave me her business card so I can give her one of mine. She was nice enough to come inside and see what AstroWifey was all about. Thanks Kelly! So glad I bumped into you! Check out Idols and Egos for a good laugh, fashion news, and to see what she’s been up to! You wont be disappointed.

AstroWifey feature on Idols And Egos

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