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    • It’s a bit tricky to explain. Haha. I was doing a search under an “urban dictionary” site for slang for a female. Obviously I didn’t want anything offensive. I liked Betties, Birds, and few other cute things, but came across “Astronauts Wife” which was defined as an “a woman out of touch with reality, yet strangely attractive”. I liked the second part about being strangely attractive because I feel we come in all forms and are unique in those ways and should be embraced, but didn’t feel I was out of touch with reality, and I’m more independent that just someones wife, so I came up with AstroWifey. I feel a wifey is someone who looks out for others, but yet still holds her own and is independent, which I felt defined me well. It kind of was just a silly thing, but ended up sticking. I thought of changing it a few times, but now everyone gave me the nickname “Astro” so I guess I’m stuck with it. Haha!! Plus I like the imagery of a female as a astronaut, we can accomplish anything! Thanks for asking! Good question.

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