Nail Couture LA

Nail art is HUGE, and everyone wants it! I recently found out about a new nail company called Nail Couture LA, which sell predesigned nail wraps. The wraps are a lot like Minx, minus the heat lamps and price. Minx, will last longer, and should be applied by a professional, but if you want to experience a at-home alternative, this is right up your alley. The wraps look pretty easy to apply, to see a step-by-step guide click here. These wraps are ideal for all the DIY’ers out there who want to try their take on nail art. I’m really digging the designs below!


2 Comments on “Nail Couture LA

  1. ooo very pretty designs! I’ll try to get my hands on some. I just recently bought some sally hansen salon effects nail art strips, but haven’t tried them yet. I’m scared i’m going to mess them up haha!

    • I havnt tried the Sally Hansen yet, since I usually try to customize my own nail art, but they are def very awesome from some of the designs I’ve seen. I think you will be fine! Many ladies have been trying them, they seem not too difficult. I think if I recall correctly, one of you ladies is from Chicago! If so, if you guys need any nail designs, drop me a line! Thanks for stopping by and leaving me feedback!

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