Hey Hey WordPress!

I made the decision to move my blog to wordpress. The previous host I used was not working for me because it wasnt easy for someone to use thats always on the run. Being a freelance nail artist means that my schedule is always changing, and each day is different! I needed something to work with that lifestyle, so that I can stay connected with all those out there that are interested in seeing my work. I was really slacking on the previous blog, so I’m hoping WordPress will be all I hope its going to be so that I can regularly update with fresh, new content for you guys!

If this is your first time hearing out my blog, and unsure what its all about, let me drop some knowledge. Haha! I’m a freelance nail artist from Chicago, and I have a passion for nail care and nail design. I specialize in funky and fun designs, always 100% customized for each client. I go out of my way to try to bring designs that are authentic, meaning trying not to duplicate others work. As a freelance nail artist, I can definatly relate with how frusterating it can be when someone tries to pull off your own art as their own. I always appreciate the fact that someone appreciates it enough to want to duplicate it, but I believe in giving credit where credit is due. Whenever a client brings me a picture of something they want done that they like from another nail artist, I will always try to put my own spin on it, and I always give credit to who gave me the inspiration. So if you enjoy the designs, and want to take your own spin on them, please do! Send me pics also, I love seeing everyones work! But please give idea credit, we are artists also, and would love those who are appreciating our work!

If your interested in making a nail appointment for yourself, of for an event or party, please email me at astrowifey@yahoo.com. Want to stay more conntected with what AstroWifey is up to? Find me on twitter, or “like” AstroWifey on Facebook!

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